Deniz Manisali Leba is an Architect / Designer and an Educator, currently based in Singapore.

In 2007 she graduated with a Master of Architecture and Urbanism from Design Research Lab (DRL) at Architectural Association in London after having received her Bachelor of Architecture and Fine Arts Degrees at Rhode Island School of Design. Her work at the AA has been presented in several exhibitions in London and Thessaloniki and she has been invited to give lectures throughout Europe and Asia. 

Between 2007-2011 she worked at ZAHA HADID ARCHITECTS in London as an Architect / Designer in various scale international projects ranging from Product Design to Masterplan. She has been a part of the design and execution team of Heidar Aliev Cultural Center in Baku, Azebaijan, completed in 2012, mainly focusing on the Auditorium Design and Execution. Since then, she designed and managed multiple projects in Istanbul, including a Cultural and Sports Centre and a 150,000m2 Mixed Use Development, currently on site.  

Besides her proffesional carrer, Deniz has been an active member of the Academics since 2011. She has taught Design and Architecture at Bilgi University, Istanbul and Nanyang Fine Arts Academy, Singapore. She has also been an invited participant in DOMUS Exhibition Salone Internationale del Mobile MILANO 2012, Istanbul Design Biennale 2012 and Antalya Architecture Biennale 2016. Currently, Deniz is currently a Architecture and Design Studio Tutor @ SUTD, Singapore.

Her research includes innovative approach to architectural design through the use of computational tools and digital manufacturing techniques. Her aim is to achieve elegance and beauty through design sensibility and invention with cutting edge technologies while having functionality and materiality as an embedded parameter within the process.  Her research field expands to multiple scales from product design to master planning.